Success Coaching

One to one coaching with Paritosh helps existing and upcoming leaders develop extraordinary networking skills. The program is customised as per the needs of leaders and enables them to successfully build and maintain strong relationships, both within and outside the organisation.

Through Success Coaching program, the leaders discover:.

The Art and Science of Building Great Relationships

Best Practices of highly successful networkers

Unique process to build supercharged connections

Breakthrough insights that will help manage important relationships

Master Networker Program

A training program that helps teams develop effective Networking skills and strategies. The program focuses on making networking a measurable activity driven to achieve specific organisational goals. The program is ideal for Sales teams, Business Development teams and teams that manage important relationships.

Through the Master Networker Program Participants discover:

A strong foundation of Networking and its principles

An effective way of creating networking goals

Creation of Strategies to achieve the goals

A powerful way to measure the progress towards the goals

High Impact Workshops

Networking workshops create a clear understanding and strong foundation of Networking and Strategic Networking in the professional world. The dynamic workshop provides a simple and practical toolkit of actionable ideas and techniques that anyone can apply. Workshops are available in multiple areas of Networking such as:

Networking within the company

Networking for Women Leaders

Networking for Sales Teams

Power of successful relationships

Train the Trainer

This program is for organisations that wish to develop and upgrade the skills of internal training teams. In-house Trainers get trained and certified on delivering Networking trainings within the organisation. A rigorous training will equip participants from novices to pioneers in the training field to deliver successful and high impact Networking Trainings.

Now for the first time, your organisation can benefit from the experience of a powerful training in a new domain.

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