The implications of networking are far reaching than what we have understood so far.

Until now, to the world networking has been something that was largely for business development. Now organisations are slowly but steadily recognising the need for Networking as an important skill for women leaders. Business Owners have started to take a strategic view to networking. Business Schools are beginning to recognise the value of this skill and adopt it in their education system.This is just a start, an exciting one at that. There is still a long journey ahead of us and our goal is to help the world understand the value and the benefits of Networking in all areas of our lives.

The vision

Make the world a better networked place.

The ‘Better Networked Place’ refers to a place where people have strong connections and are able to positively impact their lives, both personal and professional’ and the lives of those around them through the connections they have.

The Mission

The mission help organisations adapt networking as an important skill at all levels.

By helping the people in organisations become better at networking, the organisations will not only benefit itself singnifcantly but also create an impact in the lives of its people above and beyond their professional lives.