Networking Training can add significant value to an organisation. While Networking/Coaching contribute at multiple levels, here are a few:
Through Networking skill development, people learn to build better relationships, which creates a stronger sense of belonging. This in turn impacts their job satisfaction and aids in retention.
As a key skill of Leadership, Networking Trainings helps leaders learn how to build strong relationships both within the organisation and outside.
Business Development Teams are able to learn how to build a strong network that helps bring in more business.
No, the benefits of Networking Training/Coaching are equally strong in the internal environment of an organisation as well. For example, it helps build a stronger bond between team members and helps individuals work in collaboration.
Yes, while women are good at networking, they often choose to not network, which impacts them at multiple levels. Networking Training/Coaching helps Women Leaders build Networking as a strong skill helping them lead better and grow professionally.
Yes. Behavioural changes and results of the predefined goals are both measurable. They both work in different ways and thus are measured differently.
Given the wide range of benefits that Networking Training/Coaching can bring to an organisation, ideally there should be support available for all levels within the organisation.
Yes, we have professionals from multiple organisations taking coaching with us in their individual capacity.