Leveraging the Principles of Effective Networking, Paritosh helps organisations become networked organisations that create


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About Paritosh Pathak

Just 10 days before getting married, Paritosh moved on from his job to pursue his passion in a field that had not been considered trainable. Today, he has set up two networking platforms and trained over 2000 networkers. Paritosh is not only India’s first and only Strategic Networking Coach/Trainer, he is also a highly recognised speaker in the domain of Business Networking.

His own experience, both as a professional and as an entrepreneur combined with extensive research has enabled him to develop the Principles of Effective Networking that bring science to the area of Networking.

Paritosh has Trained or Coached professionals and helped them become effective networkers and better leaders which has gone a long way in boosting their careers.

The Author of an upcoming book, Paritosh believes that the quality of our networks define the quality of our lives.

Positions held by Paritosh

Charter Member, TiE Delhi

Certified Action Learning Coach

Founder – FarmersOnly (www.farmersonly.in)

Founder – Reinvent-Life (www.reinvent-life.com)

Founder – New Age Leaders For Transformation (www.newagetransformation.com)


Paritosh Pathak has been immensely helpful in developing our company’s networking strategy and training the team. His very practical approach has added significant value to our business.

Ron McLuckie, CEO, WIAL India


Paritosh immediately enraptures the audience’s attention in managing to provide a succinct session with appropriate knowledge sharing and as well as hands-on experience.


It has been my experience that a  lot of people “context-valise” network in a very narrow framework. Paritosh opens the mind to the art & science behind being a great networker.


Coaching personally with Paritosh Pathak has opened my eyes to many things, which is the strength of undergoing this : Before I knew it, Now I do it!!


Paritosh has mastered the Art of Networking. Learning from him, I realized the importance of “Strategic Networking”. With his help, the same old network is now giving me new fruitful results.

Vikas Rajput, CEO, E-Tech Services